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Hi, Property Seekers

We are proud to give you two remarkable property solutions!

  Innovative Property Search Solution
  Loans for rental payments and property purchases

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Innovative Property Search Solution

Where we choose to stay or buy a property mean everything to us. Schools children should go, how secure the area is, its nearness to markets, availability of water and electricity and other essential services, decency of the locality and transport impediments (pick hour ques, cost of fuel or bus fares and time wastages!) are the many things that affect location. A choice of a right location is truly like medicine.

Loans for rental payments and property purchases

You could be landing in your new job or have other financial limitations such that raising 3 months upfront rental payment may be challenging for you and/or other means of getting the money may not be too quick enough as you need it to enable you secure the property you want to rent. As long as you are employed or have a good financial track record, you qualify for our affordable loans.

Your quest to finally own a property you have so wished to buy should not be limited by lack of available and affordable funding. Our loan charges are the best in the industry. We provide you with very affordable and innovative loan products that all

What you are required do ?

It's easy

Create an account on our platform , here
Upload your identity documents, tenancy agreement, proof of employment, proof of financial track record.
3.Agree and sign to our digital agreement.
Provide landlord’s contact details.

iMORRCS will do all due diligence work and your rental payments will be on its way, just like that.

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